Connecting the dots looking backwards, each professional and personal turn happened for me-

to share the life I made by combining passion with purpose, to ensure that my experiences in corporate business, dedication to goal setting, lessons learned in my own health, and choosing a balanced lifestyle, are shared with organizations, people, and groups that desire to live their best.  Connecting and introducing people with unique expertise and groups is one of greatest rewards, and I do it with heart. 

I do my best, to do it well.

Sheri Matthews Kimmel is a leading Corporate Wellness Professional with 10+ years of corporate wellness experience, consulting for start-ups to large, multi-location businesses and companies. After completing her degree at the University of San Diego (USD) in Business and Communications Studies, her professional background in Business Development, Public Policy, and Human Resources gave her a vast understanding and appreciation of how and why, there is exponential value in investing in employee health and happiness. She is passionate about the preventative, long-lasting approach to well-being in every life.  

Sheri is known for consulting business clients on behalf of major nationally recognized risk and health insurance brokerage firms, small independent health benefit brokers who need wellness expertise, and supporting their corporate clients. It combines the health insurance industry, with programs that are a proactive and preventative part of the long-term solutions.

Personally, Sheri’s lifestyle emulates her career path leading by example. She is honored to be recognized by, and chosen as a multi-year ambassador and legacy to lululemon™ international, one of the first of two official Fitibit ™ Local Ambassadors in the United States in 2015, piloting a free monthly workout series for San Diegans, now in 13 major cities. This respected level of brand representation shows company trust her leadership, and these relationships, like many she values, are passed on and shared. She has created an authentic personal brand and professional network that she leverages to bring to select corporate clients, firms, and events. She enjoys sharing her community relationships with groups and people that share her values.

Comfortable in font of crowd, her communications degree is put to work, Sheri is invited by organizations to speak on an array of life topics, facilitate meetings and outings, and lead or organize large fitness and wellness events for companies, communities, and large conventions.

Giving is one her core values. In her free time Sheri volunteers, leads community fitness events, heads fund-raising experiences, business development and education for non-profits such as Challenged Athletes Foundation, Project Concern International, American Heart Association, MS Foundation, Children's Heart Foundation, San Diego’s Walden Family Services, The One Love Movement, USD Alumni Association, and is a 4 -year co-leader of the Rady’s Hospital Children’s Champions run. Personally, she is learning French, is a three-time Boston Marathon qualifier and finisher, awarded SD Magazine’s “best-of” spin instructor, and enjoys time with her husband, friends, and family.



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