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Sheri’s work on personalized Corporate Wellness Programs has been highlighted in local publications such as the San Diego Business Journal, Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union-Tribune and San Diego Magazine and nationally in Forbes Magazine.

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Having a certified goal coach walk you through personally deciding your own life path is the best investment you can ever make. The time a person invests in their own personal development, values, and priorities, will provide an understanding to why you want the things you do.  The skills you will learn to set strong, strategic goals can be implemented for years to come, to live your most fulfilled, mindful, life.

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Comfortable in front of crowd, her communications degree is put to work, Sheri is asked to speak on an array of life topics, facilitate meetings and outings, as well as lead large wellness and fitness events for companies, communities, and private groups. She has a way with words, inspires by example, and speaks from experience. Sheri personalizes each gathering to not only teach and lead, but to make people feel. 


"The experts and speakers that Sheri brought in to present to our company were by far the most well received we have ever had. Our staff is still talking about it."

- HR Wellness and Engagment Partner

"Sheri came into our company as a referral from our insurance broker at a very stressful time. We were all working a lot, experiencing lay-offs and turn over. What we needed was someone to create programs to make coming to work a good thing. Not only did that happen, I am happy to say that this year we are on the “Healthiest Companies List”. She brought in some great guests, lead a group of her own, sends us great resources, and provided one on one support for our staff – who loves her!"

- HR Manager and Culture Director, San Diego


Client List:

Fitibit ™
Booz Allen Hamilton
San Diego Regional Airport
Welk Resorts
Callaway Golf
Blast Motion
Chosen Foods
Perfect Bar
The City of San Diego
The City of Escondido
MindFresh Co.
National City
Oliver McMillan Real Estate
Sharp Healthcare
Acadia Pharmacueticals
FitLife TV
Optum Health


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