Unplanned Traditions. Year 2 Flew By. Sunsets, Tears, Smiles. Bring It Year 3.

And just like that… 2 years Mr. and Mrs. Kimmel, 6 years of knowing and growing.

I find doing this annual interview on 9/2, allows me to relive that same joy captured here by @HalfFullPhotgraphy (Joey and April)

I find doing this annual interview on 9/2, allows me to relive that same joy captured here by @HalfFullPhotgraphy (Joey and April)

Happy Anniversary, Jase, if that is any indication of the speed at which they continue to go, we’ll need 99 more and it will seem like 20.

Some of why it seems to fly by may be the commitments we hold in addition to our marriage. but if I am honest, that (us) comes first now, and not in years past.

And on the eve of year two, beginning year 3, he’s still clean, and we are both so true to who we were as individuals but support one another’s things, but that seems to work so far for us. I love that. In fact, impromptu vows, I speak better from the heart, I vowed to

“not to give always all our earnings or your commissions to charitable causes”.

It was so true.

The rest of September looks like this, and I’m sure, in person or afar he’s there cheering, so patiently as I do my things, too. You are welcome to join all are any, because it fills my heart, and that just gives more love to give us all.

Outside of the 9-5, some months Community is almost a second job, and I love it.

Sept 7th: Fitbit Local ….LA bit outside of my San Diego comfort zone, beyond honored and exited to join Mike Sherbakov at the first ever Double Hitter, a special Fitbit Local  @ LA LIVE. It’s FREE and it’ HERE

Sept 15: The Fitbit Local San Diego we are excited about @ One Paseo in Del Mar. LIVE DJ, bootcamp, yoga, the new Versa @, special perks from fitness studios including a tour and class from Vibe Flow Yoga

Sept 21st: All the San Diego things

-        1PM Make A Wish Cornhole Tournament: HERE We joined Jenni Haugh’s Emerging Leader’s Council Fundraising fun and we’ll be practicing our corn-hole, come play with us!

-        9 AM The annual One Love Movement Yoga Festival. I rattled off this charity in my vows, and it was our first donation as the Kimmels, as Kim was our yoga instructor on Wednesday nights pre wedding.

-        7AM American Heart Association Heart walk. I passed the baton to some great Emcees and hosts, check out the yoga, because we’ll be getting ready for Make A Wish Corn-hole, but it’s a great walk in Balbao Park!

Sept 29th: - So honored to be a YES to EmCee’ing a the BeWell Fitness Fair to benefit Rady’s Children’s Hospital’s first ever in the country mental health center (preventative and supportive) in San Diego.

was a smaller start last year, and I think it’s because those of us who like to move didn’t really understand what’s coming to San Diego, a center to help so many youth, with issues many adults have today.

Last year I joined a bit later in the game, when I heard the purpose, and my hope is that our community will support in big ways this 9/28!

TICKETS HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bewell-fitness-fair-tickets-62677167094

Tee and Sher.jpg

When I learned things like this, I couldn’t just let the event go on and wish them the best:

“Teens in San Diego suffer the highest rate of suicide in the state”. Wow. Help is coming and this is our responsibility.

Tee’s teaching, Pam’s teaching, and my hope is we can show up as a community to move, and create ripples, honored to have the job to welcome you and ensure it’s a great time on the mic.

Love to see you, this one is close to my heart. HERE.

8 PM, pauses “Loopers” a golf movie about caddying. He’s very into what he’s into, but we had a heart filled weekend of friends and special house guests, hikes, beach, dinners…so last but not least, our very own tradition (feel free to borrow, it’s kinda fun, like the Newlywed game but every year!).

Last year I thought it would be cute to interview my husband (Jason) about what it’s been like to have been married a year. Only rules:

       There is no wrong answers

-        It’s rapid fire, just whatever comes to mind

-        Ill answer too,  but haven’t had a second to think about my answers, as we’ve been with great friends

Know what transpired because of it? A live Christmas tree last season and a puppy. You guys know Palmer. Who woulda thought, so deep, I know. I was thinking the answer to “what’s would you like to see in year two” may have been a family, nope guys he wanted a real Christmas tree. It was beautiful and fun by the way.

So, maybe I make it our own little tradition, maybe I’ll share, maybe I won’t, maybe just My Dad will read it, and that’s ok, because it’s fun for us to do, maybe it resonates with you, inspires, helps with the fact no relationship is perfect all the time, or it just makes you smile. Most important, ll have one to read each year, for us.

So, Jason…


Q: What are you most proud as a couple of from year 2?

Jase: We are more patient. Wait, wait, life is getting more complex (dog, responsibilities) with more complications we are handling more weight, well.

Sheri: I am proud of the support we shared through family members needing our time and love, some passed, some struggled, some celebrated, and we let the know they are loved, and we did it together.


Q: Do you remember what I wore on our first date?

Jase: Do you remember the wine I brought?

Sheri: Fair enough, next question.


Q: If you had to guess one household chore I wished you cared more about, what is your guess?

Jase: How I load dishwasher, that’s a lay-up.

Sheri: The dishwasher is correct, it’s OK to put them all the way in the back, to the front, in OCD fashion.

It does not change because we got married, it was a little quirk before** Good news I’m so grateful for a dishwasher!


Q: What was your favorite memory of year 2:

Jase: “Hmmm (buys time), great question babe.” A weekend in Carmel / US Open.

Sheri: Besides a full night sleep last week (enter Palmer has to pee)? Short solo trips and with friends, Carmel, Palm Springs, stuff like that.


Q: What is one thing you’re proud of me for doing/being this year?

Jase: “For being a great Mom to Palmer (our 10 month old dog)” He can get in his teepee when you say.

Sher: (He guessed “lowering my golf handicap?”)  Me: “speaking at your Nanny’s celebration of life and handling the not as great golf days well and still appreciate being out there.”


Q: What was most challenging for you personally in year 2?

Jase: Palmer’s hair shedding. (I just laughed so loud!). Work, Commercial Real estate is challenging.

Sheri: Shifting from fitness to my health, taking out racing/running, and putting my own immediate family higher up on the priority list. Thanks for the support J, for making me feel beautiful and any shape, and being so supportive of my family time.

How cute are they, really though? Melt my heart!

How cute are they, really though? Melt my heart!


Q: Most hilarious moment in year 2?

Jase: The amount of times I have to get the ball out from under the couch for Palmer (the dog).

Sheri:  When you text me “walked and pooped” but you mean the dog and don’t say. I laugh “Yay, go Jase, what about Palmer?!”


Q: Any hopes for year 3? Personally, or as a “we”

Jase: Well, to be parents.

Sheri: You are so kind so my hope is that you live the life you want, and ask yourself “is this something I want to do, or am I doing it for approval, guilt, to be kind, etc?”.


Q: If there is one thing you hope your spouse knows, what is it?

Jase: The difference between a pitching wedge and sand wedge as you always ask “Which one goes further again?”.

Sheri:  My cell phone number, just in case you need it in emergency! Ha! That’s the age we love in.

Really – not to be stuck on a timeline, and being Ok with passing on things if not the best time, (trips, parties, dinners) there will be another opportunity.


Q: Jase asked if he gets to ask a question.

Sheri: Sure, of course, what is your question?

Jase: Can we do Spring cleaning? (it’s fall by the way) Do you know of that carpet cleaner we had before?” He is not kidding, we use these times to talk life, because anniversary aside, it takes two who want the job, every day.

He’s still clean. I still do some community things and try my best to lend more time to being a good wife/partner, but we are who we are, who we were, and that does not change, just improves.

Happy 2nd, start to 3 Jason, thank you for loving (and sharing) all of me. Love you more (and as much as Fall sunsets!)