Having a certified goal coach walk you through personally deciding your life path is the best investment in yourself you can ever make. I know, because I did the program too, many years ago, and continuously ever since, because if we know it all, it’s time to learn more. I have realized that the most successful people don’t use a cookie-cutter plan, they use a coach, myself or someone else, who is a good personality and approach fit, to guide them through their own goals, life plans, failures, and future.

PowerPoint and handouts included in presentation
Optional healthy snacks upon request 

  • What: A session for staff to better themselves on paid time: lunch n’ learn, healthy coffee break, power hour breakfast, after work, happy hours, or weekends 
  • Why: Employees leave understanding who they are, what’s important, gaining a better sense of self and personal purpose, and being valued by the organization. 

Please contact Sheri for goal setting presentation details with type of group, culture, time of day and setting, and number of people in the session. 

She helped me SURPASS
my 10k goal

"Sheri is the reason I decided to set and write down my goal for 10k for the 10 years for my dad and Pancreatic Cancer this year, she helped me make my dream a reality. She helped me SURPASS my 10k goal to an overall 14.5K with donation run/yoga event, brainstorming sessions and motivate me to do more and make it happen. She was the first to hear my goals to start my fashion blog and since I have STARTED IT and now I have a following on Instagram and am learning every day." 

Kellie, San Diego Founder of @TheBicoastalBeauty and Top Fundraiser

She makes you think you can, and then you do. It’s magic.

"Sheri was my corporate goal coach, assigned to me and I was so lucky. I know makes a difference in my life and so many others, she are an inspiration. She continually made me define why I wanted the things I thought I did, and realize I didn’t! She creates a ripple effect that's going further than she can even imagine to positively impact others. She makes you think you can, and then you do. It’s magic."  

— Joe, -SDGE

Sheri will leave you feeling inspired

"Several years ago, Sheri alleviated all of my fears and made me feel empowered and capable of crushing any goal I set my mind to. She developed a personalized program that was tailored to my interests, skill level and goals. She checked in every single week and made me accountable for the goals I set - we talked about everything around my performance (not just racing times, but nutrition, proper stretching, how to better manage stress, etc.). Sheri is so much more than a coach - she's a cheerleader, trusted advisor and most importantly, a friend. She continuously provided me with encouragement and feedback on my progress and helped me smash my goals. 

Whether you're looking to take your speedwork to the next level, complete your first race, or simply learn about the importance of goal setting and how to set an action plan, partnering with Sheri will leave you feeling inspired and no doubt successful in reaching goals that you never thought you could conquer!"

- Jessica, San Diego,  
Manager of Advertising and Brand Strategy Sharp Healthcare